Kristin Lems wrote this musical, inspired by curiosity about her great grandmother, Nellie Wicks. Primary sources include a handwritten memoir by Nellie, two unpublished novels and a novella by Nellie’s oldest daughters, and oral histories taken by Kristin’s mother, Carol Lems-Dworkin, pictured here at her 95th birthday in 2019. This musical is dedicated to her memory.

A true story from 1890’s Chicago! After a desperate young girl stumbles into Hull House late one night, her life changes forever. But is Nellie’s improbable friendship with the dedicated Jane Addams enough to save her from the constant dangers of violence, abuse and poverty?

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Kristin Lems

Producer, Writer, Singer:

Kristin Lems is a versatile composer, performing songwriter, folksinger and playwright from Evanston, Illinois, USA.  Born to an acclaimed concert pianist mother and musical Dutch immigrant father, Kristin studied music from an early age, singing in choruses and playing in orchestras. To follow Kristin Lems’ projects and performances, please subscribe at the link below.