Saint Jane and the Wicked Wicks (Digital Script and Score)


An Audio Musical
Script, and complete score for 17 songs (combined vocal parts, tempo markings, chords)
Recommended for:  high school, college, community, professional
Approx. run time: 2 hours, or 4 episodes, with intermission after Episode 2
Cast size: 4w singer/actors, 1w actor, 3m singer/actors, 1m actor
Production team: Director, music/choral director, 2 musicians, sound engineer



High-spirited Nellie Wicks enjoyed a privileged life with her Grandmother in Rochester, but Gram died suddenly, throwing 12 year old Nellie into an abusive family in Chicago’s ghetto.  Can a lucky meeting with neighbor Jane Addams change Nellie’s bleak prospects?   Jane grows in fame and influence as Nellie faces unending problems and dangers. Their improbable but durable friendship spans the earliest months of Hull House, the ragtime age and Columbian Exposition into the new century. Songs that will stick in your head long after the show is over!


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